Anti-corruption Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics for the referents and stakeholders of Company Eurocontrol (employees, customers, suppliers, sub-contractors and other partners, hereinafter briefly referred to as “stakeholders”) contains the ethical standards that we consider particularly important in our working relationships and we expect a scrupulous respect by all their. In addition to what will be briefly described below, we expect that all parties concerned in any case comply any provision of law in force in both the personal behavior in general and in those relating to all working, commercial and financial aspects.

   1. Comunication
We expect that the parties concerned follow strictly the provisions of the Code in relation to all oral and written forms of communication. All interested parties must treat the information related to their business relationship to each other as confidential.
    2. Statements and documents
The stakeholders must never compromise the integrity of documents and technical data, commercial and financial. The same data must always be treated with respect for privacy and therefore will not be divulged to third parties or to persons or companies not related in labor, trade and financing relations in course.
    3. Owned assets
The stakeholders should take the responsibility to ensure the integrity, preservation and proper economic use of Eurocontrol properties.
    4. Intellectual material
The stakeholders should respect the ideas and strategies deemed valuable and confidential and all other types of work-related information, created or developed within the Company Eurocontrol, which represent its own property and that, in some cases, they are also the subject the statutory protection of intellectual property.
    5. Insider trading (Abuse of confidential information)
The stakeholders should not illegally use the internal information with the purpose to get a material gain or any other type of personal advantage.
    6. Human rights
The stakeholders should respect the freedom of belief and religious profession by their employees, their right to rest, their free-time, their regular paid holidays and must commit themselves to apply a policy of equity in relation to recruitment and remuneration, in accordance with the laws governing them.
    7. Discrimination
The stakeholders should not realize any discrimination on grounds of gender, marital status, ethnic origin, color, religion, political belief, disability and sexual orientation.
    8. Harassment
The stakeholders should not encourage behavior that could be characterized as offensive, intimidating, malicious or insulting.
    9. Child jobs and forced labor
The stakeholders should not tolerate any form of forced labor or exploitation and child labor.
    10. Protection of the health, safety and environment (HSE)
The stakeholders should abide by relevant rules and regulations relating to the protection of health, safety and the environment and to respect each prescription of law, regulation and rule of conduct for Occupational Safety, Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Protection.
    11. Corruption
The stakeholders must commit to make their work and their commercial and financial relations, free from any kind of corruption and fraud (in accordance with current legal regulations), including refusal to proposals or attempts made for or on behalf of its employees or their organizations, with the aim of obtaining a payment of unjust payments.
    12. Conflict of interest
The stakeholders should not take people who are Eurocontrol employees and must not allow them to acquire property or company shares.
    13. Fair competition
The stakeholders should conduct its operations in accordance with the rules of free and fair competition and in compliance with applicable laws.
    14. Products and Services
Suppliers of Eurocontrol must provide services and safe products and quality; they must give timely, true, reliable, accurate and clear information.
    15. Professional behaviors and impartiality of judgment
In the execution of NDT and other company activities, Eurocontrol uses the performance of the work of technicians and employees aware of the need to respect the basic principles of fairness and integrity, is also guaranteed the independence of judgment and the correct execution and evaluation of tests. In particular, the operating personnel must ensure that the tests to be performed correspond to those required by contract by the customer, and also:

   1. carry out the tests in accordance with the standards, codes, specifications, applicable procedures
   2. carry out the tests in accordance with professional standards and in full compliance with all principles of this Code of Ethics
   3. ensure confidentiality in the performance of assigned functions and to customer data
   4. ensure the impartiality, independence and discretion in issuing the result (or outcome) of the performed tests.

The stakeholders should ensure that every their referent is informed about the above points and their respective application. At the same time they must immediately inform the Company Eurocontrol in respect of any infringement of the Code of Ethics and the implementation of corrective actions to eliminate these violations and prevent future recurrence. Otherwise it will be closed every relationship with Eurocontrol.

In addition, to ensure adherence to these rules, the stakeholders must also undertake to better understand the entire contents of this Code of Ethics and ensure compliance of their behaviors to the Code. Eurocontrol encourages any stakeholders to join and follow the above rules throughout the chain of its suppliers, contractors and business partners.
If you have questions or problems regarding ethical issues, or if you wish to report an act or unethical behavior, please contact the Eurocontrol Directorate: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We ask you to support our efforts for ethical conduct!

Date, 24/07/2018

Declaration of Commitment on Administrative Responsibility and Anticorruption

1. In reference to the Eurocontrol Code of Ethics, stakeholders should commit to adopting measures to prevent the commission, also attempted, by its directors, officers, employees, contractors and / or consultants of conduct in violation of the Anti-corruption Laws.
2. Furthermore, stakeholders should commit to refrain from:
a. give or promise money, commissions, fees and other benefits to directors, statutory auditors, employees or Eurocontrol employees, including gifts, entertainment, travel or any other type of benefit also non-pecuniary
b. get agreements directly with Eurocontrol staff or his family members or companies related to them.
3. The stakeholders undertake to communicate without delay to Eurocontrol:
a. any request or attempted money request, commissions, fees or other benefits (including gifts, entertainments, travel or any other type of benefit, even a modest value or non-pecuniary) received from Eurocontrol staff or their family members, or by the Company to they are caused, in connection with (implicit or explicit) to employment, commercial and financial relationships;
b. any gift, entertainment, travel or other kind of benefit, not even balance in favor of directors, employees or Eurocontrol employees or their family members;
c. any broker / commercial adviser used by stakeholders in order to maintain relations with Eurocontrol and / or facilitate the conclusion of business with Eurocontrol;
d. any promise / offer / dation (or its attempt) of money, commissions, fees or other benefits (including gifts, entertainments, travel or any other type of benefit, also of low value or non-pecuniary) that the parties concerned (or his directors, employees, co-workers or family members) received by directors, auditors, employees or Eurocontrol employees or their family members in connection (implicit or explicit) to work activities or commercial relationship is not explicitly defined by written reports Contract and approved by the Eurocontrol Director.

Such communicationa should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. They will be immediately consulted and taken into consideration by the management.

Consequently, Eurocontrol is reserved the right to compensation of all pecuniary damage and not resulting from a breach or non-observance of the above. In addition, stakeholders will be responsible for any event or prejudicial consequence or damage of any nature caused to third parties by the non-compliance of this Declaration of Commitment on Administrative Responsibility and Anti-corruption will be obliged to indemnify and hold harmless Eurocontrol against any third party action arising out such non-compliance.

For the purposes of prevention and to avoid any significant risk of collusion or contact us at infiltration risk environments underworld, Eurocontrol put in place specific precautionary precautions as, eg. to acquire the status of criminal records and pending charges of each new job applicant and not hiring people with significant impairment or court sentences.

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